Seagourmet Norway joins international food fest
18Feb 16
Seagourmet Norway joins international food fest

Batsfjord has set a new tradition of promoting the municipality as a Norway’s Fishery Capital (Vi i Fiskerihovedstaden). Seagourmet Norway AS, as one of the biggest players on the seafood market, joins the week-long event.

Batsfjord, a municipality of 2200 citizens, counts around 60 companies in the fishery sector. Fishery employs 400 people of 27 nations in Batsfjord.

Saturday, February 13, over 100 people gathered in a cinema hall Skansen, where Iceland, Lithuania, Russia, Syria, Thailand and Norway presented their ethnic cuisine. Seagourmet  Norway came forward with a local way of serving snow crabs. “This was definitely a success”, claim organizing committee, “so we will continue the show next year”.

In 2017, a new “We are in Fishery Capital” set of food festivals, concerts, crab safaris, and exhibitions is scheduled to take place during week 6.

“We use this opportunity to highlight that we are a fishing capital, just in the industry's most hectic season. Winter. The unpredictability is what spices up our lives. This is exactly why so many of us live and thrive here”, explains Arnfred Eilertsen, a daily manager of a local seafood-oriented SMEs support agency Linken Naeringshage. 

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