Seagourmet rocks with DDE
05Aug 16
Seagourmet rocks with DDE

Segourmet Norway offered financial support to organise a concert of well-known Norwegian rock band DDE in Batsfjord.

Batsfjord i Fest is a yearly social event that gathers hundreds of Batfsjorders and visitors from other parts of Norway. Along with other numerous local bands, the festival this year featured a long-awaited band DDE that starred on the stage of Batsfjord 20 years ago.

Established in 1992, DDE has gained national acclaim as one of the best pop and rock bands in Norway.

The event was opened with culture awards from the Batsfjord Mayor Geir Knustad and a fashion show. Jam sessions, dj sets and food tasting followed culminating in a DDE performance. Seagourmet Norway AS was the general sponsor of  the concert. 

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