Debut at SEG 2015 Mission Completed
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26Apr 15
Debut at SEG 2015 Mission Completed

Seagourmet Norway is proud to announce exhibiting at the world's largest seafood trade event has been a success.

The Seafood Expo Global 2015 brought together seafood market players from around the globe to provide the best live, fresh, frozen and values-added seafood.

Before making its first big public appearance, the team of Seagourmet Norway did a titanic work to sort out complicated logistics and human resources. And the efforts were highly awarded: Seagourmet Norway's booth design was unique and outstanding, and the cooking show was a great success. For three days in a row, the company's booth was one of the busiest; visitors crowded up to appreciate live snow crab in the aquarium, tailor-made clothes for hostesses, refreshing drinks, and what's more important - a very special atmosphere of home-style comfort and joy. The visitors reciprocated with new contacts, business opportunities and ideas.

Seagourmet Norway focuses on catching, processing and distribution of snow and king crab. The company is based in Batsfjord, Norway.

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