Seagourmet cuts the ribbon
11Jun 15
Seagourmet cuts the ribbon

As the soft launch proves to be a success, Norwegian producer of snow and king crab – Seagourmet Norway AS – announced a big opening event.

The company completed reconstruction of an older building in early 2015. Total refurbishment of the production premises has been made. In April 2015, Seagourmet Norway launched its pilot commercial activities as a producer and a wholesaler of snow crab. An official opening ceremony was set up on 10 June.

- This is not only an important gathering for all of us, this is a proof and evidence that we have made a good start and we will work on for the better with your friendship and support, said the factory’s managing director Pavel Kruglov in his opening speech.

 Although the factory is in the very beginning of the way and some processes still need to be adjusted and polished, Seagourmet Norway believes the right path has been chosen that will take the company to a better future for the sake of Batsfjord, local community and business.  With a current focus on cooked frozen sections of snow crab, Seagourmet Norway strives to become eventually one of the leading producers and suppliers of snow crab, king crab, and other Arctic gourmet seafood.

- This factory is like a child to all of us. We raise him, we give him new toys,  we educate him and let him grow into a self-standing adult – a businessman who can feed himself, his family and share benefits with his neighbours, Pavel continued.

 The opening ceremony was attended by the Mayor of Batsfjord, the Ambassador of Latvia in Norway, partners and friends of the company.

 The event took place at the quay of the factory where vessels discharge crab directly into the factory tanks. After the words, speeches and gifts, the guests were invited to the local restaurant to taste crab meals. Later on, as the weather turned favourable, enthusiasts embarked on boats to take a crab fishing voyage along the fjords of Syltefjord. 

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