For the benefit of the youngest
26Aug 15
For the benefit of the youngest

Before the first school day starts, Seagourmet Norway upgrades two playgrounds in Batsfjord.

In a move to act for the benefit of local society, Seagourmet Norway has installed new recreational structures in two playparks of Batsfjord. The construction of certified equipment was done by Unico, Estonia. Batsfjord logistics and construction companies backed up the initiative. 

An opening ceremony was held on August 25 on Neptune playground in the presence of multitude of children, the Mayor of Batsfjord, and media. Clowns, refreshments and grilled sausages finished the picture.

 Over 30 children participated in a challenging contest to make a drawing of a crab. Best painting skills were awarded.

Costruction works started on August 05 and were completed within two weeks. Two play areas were furnished with new equipment – Neptune, maintained by local community of parents, and a municipal playground at Nordskogen school. 

Seagourmet Norway says huge thanks to all citizens of Batsfjord who helped to bring this initiative into reality!

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